meeting mona

meet mona, she has been sitting in the op shop in town with a bag over her head for a long time. i ummed and arhhed about giving her a good home. she is old and needs a few new washers, but generally she is in good working order. so for the cost of $50 she came home with me yesterday. i figured she might help me, with fitting some clothes properly. i usually drive 20kms to the neighbours house- who is a non sewer -and get her to do it.

heres mona cooking and modeling a skirt i made yesterday. i drafted it from an ancient pattern, pinned, cut and re-cut only to discover i didnt have enough fabric for the roll down waistband!!!

this was the comprimize. now to try it in some better fabric. i will amend the pleates,waist, and length.
p.s. wish i could take a decent photo for you to see the detail properly. practise i'm told...

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