sisterly love

if this looked as good on me, as the picture in my mind of it on me, i would model it for all of you. but alas, its going to be given away to my sister who is lucky enough to drape anything on her body and look good in it. the crown was too long and the whole thing abit head hugging...more like a beanie than a hat...i was so proud of the continental cast on that worked too....all it had to do was look like 'A Better Bucket' at ravelry.com
this is the second hat that has failed me...crochet/felting didn't cut it either...i'll post pictures of that in the next day or so, because that is worth a laugh..
hummmm....what should i start next, i have to have something on the go.....

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kirsten said...

oh, dear.
i have this on my ravelry queue.
no good? please tell!
(and i tried to follow your handmade soap link to no avail - would you please send me the link? thanks so much.)
kirsten xx

assemblage at optusnet.com.au