blurred love..

it's hard to be enthusiastic about a project when the colours just don't do it for you. my parents have been staying for a few days, and mum wanted another patchwork bag made. she bought the fabrics down with her.. nice...lovely....good quality...just not the colours i usually work with. she was happy with the result, and that's the main thing...on a strong point, the lining was just the best, why don't all bags get made with a light colour inside so you can easily find the car keys..we just has to buy a closure for it when she gets home..nothing suitable in the box of tricks down here..
sorry about the blurred photo, it reflects the project in general i think..

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t does wool said...

I just put a yarn away,because,well,I don't like it,cannot do it...I understand how you feel But your mum is happy,right ;-)!